Sunday, October 2, 2011


Thank you all for reading and for the wonderful comments!  I'll have a new story going pretty soon - hope to see you there.

** Two chapters today, make sure you read ten first!____


“Your place is so nice,” Natalie laughed.

I lifted my head from the bare skin of her flat stomach, looking at up at her face through the hair that fell in my eyes.  She was on her back, on the living room rug, staring at the blank ceiling.  We hadn’t make it to another room yet.  We’d barely made it in the door.

When we swung through the door at the bar holding hands, no one noticed.  I put my arm around her as we waited for drinks and still no one said anything.  As we mingled through my teammates and whoever else had joined in the first celebration of hopefully many, no one seemed to care that Natalie stood with her shoulder touching mine.  I brushed a piece of hair from her shoulder, whispered in her ear - nothing.

So as soon as their was a lull in the conversation we were having with Eggo, Johnson and his wife, I leaned in and kissed her lips.

“Oh my God we get it!” Flower shouted.  He was eight people away, smiling like an idiot.  Vero slapped him on the chest, trying to hide her face.  Everyone laughed, then went back to their drinks.  That was it.  I slipped my big hand into Natalie’s small back pocket and drained my beer in one gulp.

“Our work here is done?” she smirked.  It was a very sexy expression.

Twenty-five minutes later, we were tripping in the front door at a dead run.  I let her in, then spun her back into my body.  I was peeling off her white blouse before her suit coat hit the floor.  She had my tie off and shirt open in seconds.  Natalie rose onto her toes and kissed me hard, tugging my bottom lip between her teeth, as she pressed her hand down inside the open zipper on my pants.

“Oh God,” I said.

My pants and hers landed in a pile at our feet.  She took half a step back and looked me over, teeth sinking gently into the lush rise of her bottom lip.  

“Damn, you’re beautiful,” she whispered.

I made to move toward the bedroom but Natalie just lay right down on the rug.  A lacy white bra offered up breasts that I had dreamed about and a brain-meltingly small piece of white fabric circled her hips and disappeared between her legs.  My heart rate spiked like a strong man was trying to ring the bell at a carnival.  Long dark hair fanned out around her head and she reached for my hand.

“I cannot wait another second,” she said.

I sank down and moved over her, putting one knee between hers and laying my body out against as much of her as possible.  She caught my face and kissed me.  When my erection pressed against her stomach we both exhaled, then Natalie rolled her hips slightly and ground against my shaft.

“Fuck,” I panted.  Her throaty, almost evil giggle only made me harder.  Her mouth yielded to my kiss, and I then dragged my lips down the delicate curve her her neck.  I could have explored that hollow forever, as it was nearly always hidden by her hair. Only someone lucky enough to put his kiss here would ever know its shape.  The same was true of her collarbone, the swell of her breast and the firmness of her nipple, rolling taut against my tongue like it was begging to be licked.

Natalie’s hands explored my body like she’d been thinking about it too.  Comparing the map in her mind to the real thing, she wove fingers over the muscle I’d worked so hard to put on.  Every squat and lift and row of the summer paid off in spades as her touch traced them down my lower back and onto my thigh.  I twisted my lap against hers and growled at the sensation.

“Tease,” she whispered in a ragged breath.  

The rest would have to wait - acres and miles of her perfect body to memorize.  Natalie hooked her fingers into my waistband and pushed it from my hips.  I lifted to my knees and watched her watch me strip off the shorts.  Her eyes were dark and hungry, and it made me feel like the only man on Earth.  

Her panties were nothing in my hands.  They offered no resistance as they slipped free.  She was perfect, of course, and the sight of her most secret place nearly made me come on cue.  Then her hands were on my shoulders and I was back over top of her.

“I love you,” I said.

“Lucky me.”  And she kissed me.  A slight press and the head of my cock brushed her soft skin.  She bit down gently on my lip, marking the occasion, and I pushed a little more.  Another inch.  I could have gone right then, barely inside her, but she bit down lightly again and I got another inch.  When I opened my eyes, Natalie was looking up at me.  I heaved against the tightness and pushed myself in up to the hilt.

“Ohmygod,” she gasped.  Her back arched, meeting my stroke with angled hips that gave me every ounce of space inside her.  I tried another and was rewarded with the same reaction.  For someone who I’d imagined being with a million times, who had been the object of nearly every fantasy for years, she was so much better in reality.  Her soft, smooth core clutched at me as I sank into her.  She was tight enough that I could almost believe I was the only one.  She was hot and wet enough that I was confident Natalie knew exactly what she wanted.

I stroked into her, the pressure exquisite; she bucked against me, making me go harder, faster.  I fought for control as her breath hummed in my ear and her hands clutched handfuls of my ass.

“You feel so good,” I said against her ear.  

“James,” she breathed.  That was all I needed to thrust so hard I lifted her back off the floor.  Her moan was nearly lost against my throat.  There was so much to learn that I’d need forever to coax every possible combination from her body.  For this first time I’d have to settle.  I thrust again and bottomed out, Natalie fighting to hold onto me.  Again, and again, I lost touch with everything but the way she rode deep into my lap and begged for me every time.

“James.”  When she said it again, I had my victory.  Natalie’s body twisted hard then went soft, her chest heaving against mine and head rolling back.  I held her hips down hard and pumped right through her orgasm, the extra friction and sounds from her lips bringing me so close to the edge.  


That did it.  When Natalie called me something other than my name, something other than what they put on the scoreboard, I fell apart.  Two years of longing burst so hard I nearly fainted.  Hot desire and frustration poured out of me and Natalie, perfect inevitable Natalie, got the best and worst of me all at once.  So much waiting, so much working.  Not enough fun.  Well my fun had arrived.

I collapsed on top of her.  Natalie played with my long hair, twisting it and tucking it behind my ears.  Her small fingertips traced the hairline around my temple and ear while I watched my labored breath lift the strands from her head.  After a minute she turned her face to mine.

“I love you.”

I smiled.  “Lucky me.”



  1. Yay. :)I actually woke up, and my first coherent thought was: Maybe Texas was You is updated! I loved it. I was thinking that for your next story, if you have nothing planned out, you could do one on Luke Schenn. Or Tyler Bozak. I don't know, I feel like my Leafs don't get enough love. :)

  2. ^ I agree! A Leafs story would be nice. Especially when the author knows what their doing :)

    I loved it! And it caught me off guard that someone acutally updated daily. Too freaking rare! :)

    Great Story!

    And blogger is being stupid, my username is Mata, just saying.

  3. This was awesome :)

  4. I really loved this one! And euhm, I was wondering if maybe you can write a story or a one shot for Jordy cause I loved him here and I was a little disappointed he didn't end up with Natalie...

    I can't wait for your next story :D

  5. Loved it! You definitely made me fall for James Neal a little! And I fell even harder for Jordan, he was just too sweet in this story! Looking forward to the next one :)

  6. Not really a fan of Neal, but like always, your sorties just make me fall in love with them. Great story, you truly know how to entertain your readers!

    You should make a Jeff Carter story next, but it's all up to you! Just keep on writing, you truly have a gift for it :)

  7. Any hints on who is up next?

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